The 1940s were the time in which men could be said to be gentlemanly in style for males. Practicality was an important value that the war reminded us of in every area of our lives. Simple and plain clothing were the preferred choice, and without flashy items. The starting of Hollywood was as well during this time. This article discusses certain fashions that led to the ’40s being an exciting decade for male fashion.

The ’90s saw the rise of subcultures such as hip-hop, grunge, and rave, which would later go into influencing mainstream music. The youth-oriented fashion represented a clear protest against over-indulgence in the previous two years. Jeans, t-shirts and jeans became the new fashion. Trainers and hoodies became more prominently displayed. The trend was particularly liked by males and was a way to change from casual dress uniform to work attire.

The casual workwear style was introduced during the 90s. Casual-wear was the first outfits employed by employees. They could be worn with jeans, turtlenecks, Jean jackets and polo shirts, although they were quite traditional. The time was when youngsters began to incorporate hip-hop and sportswear as their most essential pieces of their wardrobe. It was also the time that the sportswear uniform was the most popular style.

The 1970s marked a new era in men’s fashion. Because of the ease of traveling and the convenience of traveling, prices for synthetic fabrics fell significantly and people was able to wear what they wanted. The men began wearing more colorful sportswear, and also graphically printed button-downs. The ’80s saw men’s attire became more informal. Denim jeans, hoodies and shirts saw the rise in popularity among youth who embraced sportswear as well as collegiate apparel.

The 1990s saw the advent of fast-fashion. The rise of outsourcing and globalization led to an erosion in the value of clothes and the collapse of class structures dependent on how much money consumers spent. As a result, ’90s male fashion was dominated by leather suits and puffy jackets. Tracksuits and Rockport boots. Later on, the trend of ‘futuristic’ continued to define the way men dressed.

’90s was also a time that men began to wear stylish three-piece suits. The suits had a broad lapel and slim pants. Additionally, they were wearing high-rise waistcoats. In the 1980s, neckties became more slender and longer shirts as well as more sharp. The era of sporty fashion has shaped ’90s men fashion. The fashionable fashionistas of today have revolutionized the men’s fashion scene.

The 1980s were a time when simplicity was the main theme. The men wore light and more basic clothes that meant they were more functional. A daytime suit consists of an unibreasted jacket that has narrow lapels, fitted pants and a button-down t-shirt with a club collar. The trousers are short and tie-less. The shirt was paired with boaters and leather shoes. While these styles remain popular, men’s clothes have been changing over the course of the past century.