Promised Land 2012

Promised Land (2012) สวรรค์แห่งนี้ไม่สิ้นหวัง

Promised Land Steve Butler has caught the attention of the top management at his company, Global Crosspower Solutions, an energy company that specialises in obtaining natural gas that is trapped underground using a method known as Fracking. Butler has an excellent track record for efficiently and cost-effectively convincing landowners to agree to mineral rights leases that grant drilling rights over to his employer. Butler as well as Sue Thomason, his partner are settling in a Pennsylvania farming community that is struggling economically. The residents are proud of having family farms which have been handed through generations.

Coming from a town and a life very similar to that of the people he is now determined to win over on behalf of Global, Butler tells the story of how his own town died after the local title=”Caterpillar, Inc.”>Caterpillar assembly plant closing of the Caterpillar assembly plant. The idea of a town surviving solely on farms owned by families handed down through generations as a viable source of income is one that he could refuse to accept. He claims he’s giving the town one last chance. Butler enjoys some time after hours with Alice, a teacher that was in a bar with him.

Global’s proposal was accepted by the local community. However, Frank Yates (an elderly high science teacher at the school) raises questions about the security of fracking in an open town hall. The town’s residents will decide in the next few weeks whether or not to accept the proposal. After learning about the vote, Dustin Noble, an unknown environmentalist, begins an anti-global campaign on the streets. Global inspired by a tale of his family losing its Nebraska dairy farm when the herd perished as a result of Global’s fracking method, which is industry standard. Promised Land HD

Butler begins to meet a great deal of resistance in town. Alice appears to be the only one who is willing to accept Noble’s offer. One night Butler receives a package from Global which contains an enhanced photo of dead cattle on an area that Noble claimed came from his family’s Nebraska farm. The object was believed to be a silo is turned out to be the lighthouse. The lighthouses aren’t found in Nebraska. This proves that Noble had lied to the public. Global is currently in the middle of a case involving environmental issues which could be caused due to their Fracking practices.

Butler informs the mayor of the deception. He then informs all the citizens. He returns to the hotel to find Noble taking his truck out, getting ready to leave the town. Noble stumbles upon the fact that he had seen the Lafayette picture of the lighthouse. Butler understands that Noble could not have had the information if he were employed by Global. Noble’s task was to undermine the environmental movement to convince the town to accept Global’s proposition. Noble organized for Butler to be given the “confidential photographs” and coordinated the whole public relations effort.

The people will decide on Global’s plans to buy drilling rights for their property at a town meeting the following day. Butler informs them about how the barn in the picture reminds him of his grandfather’s barn. Butler reveals that Noble has manipulated them and is working for Global. Butler leaves the meeting to reach Thomason by telephone. She tells him he’s dismissed and she’s going to New York. Butler arrives at Alice’s home and is greeted by Alice.